Florent VAILLE
Charles DENIS

Two experienced graphic designers based in Paris, long mandated by agencies or post-production companies, come together out of the shadows.

Florent VAILLE, based in Paris, specialises in creative image retouching and photomontage. Perfectionist and persevering, he created his company FEELING VISUEL in 2012.

Denis SEOUNES, expert in CGI creation and 3D animation since 2006, has been represented by companies and agents in Paris for a long time. His rigour and creativity have always pushed him to undertake.

Both self-taught, passionate and amateur visual artists, they have acquired artistic and professional maturity through numerous projects in the press and advertising, in collaboration with several agencies, post-production houses and advertisers.

Charles DENIS, executive producer and agent, with more than 20 years of experience in photographic, animated and CGI production for advertising, is in charge of the relational and development part of FEELING VISUEL.



Choosing FEELING VISUEL means choosing an EXPERTISE. In a permanent search for excellence and innovation, Florent VAILLE and Denis SEOUNES strive to constantly improve their performance in the field of photo retouching and to offer high-end and local services.
Their regular work in partnership with photographers, creative directors, art directors, agencies, and in general with all image professionals allows them to be constantly informed of the latest innovation in photography.

Each visual is apprehended with patience and accuracy to endure the natural character of images. From counseling by way of production, FEELING VISUEL will provide you a sharp technical support to achieve any of your projects., step by step, until the delivery of high definition files, thus ensuring optimal results.

They are also there to pass an idea, to help you enrich and deepen it by explaining the many possibilities that exist thanks to post-processing. Demanding and meticulous, they make it a point of honor to better understand their customers' desires, which enables them to anticipate certain needs at the time of the order and to ensure that their services are adapted to their changing expectations. Finally, to guarantee customer satisfaction, Florent VAILLE and Denis SEOUNES promise total control of deadlines, costs and quality.  


But opting for FEELING VISUEL is also and above all a human story. Florent VAILLE and Denis SEOUNES are creators first and foremost who both love each other's aesthetics and understand it. Humanity holds a major part place for these artists, who like to have a clear understanding of their partners' world and make it emerge.

They know how to advise, help and guide their clients towards an end result that is always astonishing in terms of maturity and precision. Curious and receptive, they have intuitive faculties that guide their work, always seeking to provoke something: an emotion or a food for thought. In an aesthetic commitment, their mission aims to enhance your products as well as possible while respecting your brand image.

By combining reflection and creativity, they deliver an original and surprising creation every time. Florent VAILLE and Denis SEOUNES favor contact and dialogue in order to make your project a reality. They combine your respective worlds, your ideas and your imagination on the one hand, their graphic culture and their technical expertise on the other. And from these ingredients they lead to amazing results, but one that looks just like you. Driven by an elegant blending of styles, always attentive, their artistic approach will allow them to conceive for you and with you, an innovative, moving creation ... Unique.